Graphic T-Shirt Dresses

I joined Redbubble earlier this year, but I didn’t upload any designs initially and then I got an email about designing graphic t-shirt dresses.   I’d never thought about designing dresses before so I was intrigued.

I first started looking at the selection of dresses on the site and the ones that I was initially drawn to were the black and white dresses.   I loved a couple of them that were based on landscapes and decided that I would try and design a few like that.

This is one of the first designs I did –


Black & White Graphic T-Shirt DressBlack & White Graphic T-Shirt Dress


Landscape with Tree

I started off with a full color landscape photo and thanks to the wonders of photoshop turned it into a black and white image.

I then took a shade of grey from the sky and used that for the top part of the dress and placed the image to start on the bottom. I’m very pleased with the look.

The overall black and white graphic effect that I had created was in line with other designers dresses that I liked the look of – now to see if buyers are interested! Whether or not they are it is fun to think of myself as a fashion designer, my inner teen is very happy to be able to say that!

I think designing graphic t-shirt dresses could be a lot of fun, here’s a few others that I’ve created –


Black & White Angel Graphic T-Shirt DressBlack & White Angel Graphic T-Shirt DressB&W Rainy Day Graphic T-Shirt DressB&W Rainy Day Graphic T-Shirt DressB&W Girl & Reflection Graphic T-Shirt DressB&W Girl & Reflection Graphic T-Shirt Dress



I particularly love the Rainy Day Black & White Graphic T-Shirt Dress, but my teen tells me that the angel is pretty cool so we’ll leave it to the buyers to let me know if I’m on the right track!


Black & White Graphic T-Shirt Dresses

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