Red Gothic Face Mask

As I have said in a previous post I love using images from the public domain and adapting them to create products that that is how I ended up creating this face mask.

Sytylized Gothic Lady in Red

This design was a lot of fun to come up with. As you can imagine right now a lot of people are wearing face masks and when I realized that you could design them on Redbubble I started thinking of what kind of design would be fun.

I do love some of the Gothic lady images that I come across and so I had a look on Pixabay to see if they had any that I could play around with until I was happy with the look. I really wasn’t expecting to come up with the design above as I had something completely different in mind, however when I saw this image …

DarkWorkX on Pixabay

Although I loved the image above I did want a little colour for a face mask. Usually when I think Gothic and colour I try and add purple, but looking at her red eyes I thought that would be a great colour to bring out.

I added some different effects to the background which when first added really didn’t give me the look I wanted, but after a few tweeks I was happier.

I hadn’t planned on changing the colour of her eye liner on one eye and her hair, to be honest my finger slipped! When that happens, however, it can just produce a look you didn’t even know you were after.

It still has a Gothic feel to the design, but it as more life in my opinion. Now we just have to see if it ends up being liked by anyone else! So far I’ve had a lot of positive comments from artistic friends of mine.

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