Dog Christmas Gift Wrap

What could be a better way of letting everyone know what a dog lover you are than by using dog Christmas gift wrap.   I love seeing dog inspired Christmas wrap, tree ornaments and Christmas cards at this time of the year, don’t you?

The first dog Christmas gift wrap that I designed was based on a bull terrier that reminded me of my husband and I’s first dog, Shelly.


Bull Terrier Christmas Wrap Wrapping PaperBull Terrier Christmas Wrap Wrapping Paper


I used an image from the public domain for the bull terrier and at first added a festive green background to is, but the result wasn’t ‘quite right’ so I went for a brighter green and I thought that the end result was spot on. I’m not the only one as this design was the first gift wrap that I ever sold.

I have since used different colored backgrounds for the bull terrier designs, but the one featured is the most popular one.

I also have some dachshund inspired Christmas gift wrap. For this gift wrap I have taken an image of a dachshund and used a few different colored backgrounds on it, but this time I was surprised at which gift wrap sold. My most popular dachshund Christmas gift wrap are these two –


Dachshund Santa Wrapping PaperDachshund Santa Wrapping PaperDachshund Santa Wrapping PaperDachshund Santa Wrapping Paper



I’m not even sure what made me add these colored backgrounds, but I’m glad I did. Here’s a few more of my dog Christmas gift wrap for you to enjoy.


Santa Dalmatian Wrapping PaperSanta Dalmatian Wrapping PaperGorgeous Puppy Christmas Gift WrapGorgeous Puppy Christmas Gift WrapSanta Bull Terrier Wrapping PaperSanta Bull Terrier Wrapping Paper


So which dog gift wrap do you prefer and will you be using any of them for wrapping up your presents this holiday season?

Gorgeous selection of dog Christmas gift wrap for the holiday season.

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