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Lou's toolbox aka My Resource PageLou’s Designs is a place where I can share some of my designs with you along with tips behind the designs and how I’ve created the products for sale on my POD stores.

Over the years many people have asked me how I’ve made money online doing what I do so I decided to create this page full of all of the resources I use to make my online income.

Including how I make money from PODs as well as how I make money with my blogs/websites – I hope you find it useful.

POD Resources

Camera, laptop and photoshop - my POD resourcesWhen we’re looking at what POD Resources I use it’s basically my camera and Photoshop.

The camera I’m using at the moment is a Canon  EOS 700D       although I’ve recently been given an Oppo F1S phone and I’ve used photos from there on some of my websites so I may find myself using some of these images on designs in the future.

Photoshop is a great tool to make changes to your photos and to turn mundane photographs into designs that people want to buy on cards, t-shirts etc.

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Blog Resources

Blogging resources to earn money onlineWhen we’re looking at the blog itself then I use a number of resources starting with hosting.

My hosting is through SEO Praxis – the owner Anne is a great help and actually sets wordpress up on my domains for me so all I have to do is choose the themes and pick what plugins I want to use.

I also use a HTML builder, although I use that more on my other sites than on this particular one.   The one I use is Easy Products Displays and it really makes my life easier.

A keyword finder is something else that’s important to help you get found online – it’s something that I’m also starting to implement on my descriptions, titles and tags for Zazzle (although it’s early days for that).   My preferred keyword finder is Jaaxy.

I also use a scheduler for Pinterest and I schedule not just blog posts but also individual Zazzle and Redbubble products so that more eyes can see them.   My scheduler of choice is Tailwind and for me I found it really increased my repins and traffic once I started using them – although this may have been because I’m in a different time zone to my main audience.

Books and courses are other resources to earn money online

Learning with books and courses to make money onlineI’ve been working online for over a decade now and I’ve learned that the internet is constantly changing which is why I try to keep up to date with lots of reading and constant learning.

The books and courses I’ve taken haven’t just been for this site however.   I have several sites online where I make money, but I find that a lot of what I learn I use across everything I do.  Here’s some of my favorites, take a look at them and see if you think they’ll help you or not –

The Pot Pie Girl’s What Works Now and her Easy Product Displays Tips & Tricks.

Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide.

I have also taken a few courses through Pajama Affiliates.

Lou's Designs resource page - my toolbox

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