Morrocan Inspired Designs for Students

This grey-blue and sand colored Morrocan inspired design is perfect for a student and will suit male or females.   With the student in mind I’ve selected a few products from the range which would be perfect.

A Morrocan Inspired Designed Travel Coffee Mug

Getting up late and rushing to lectures is a lot easier with a big hit of caffeine to help you funchtion and that is where this travel coffee mug has you covered!

 Grey Blue & Sand Morrocan Inspired Design Travel Mug

If you’re not into travel mugs then this design is also available on both standard and tall mugs, but seriously you need your coffee to go!

Dishwasher safe, this travel mug is made with insulated stainless steel and comes with a removable lid (that’s from the product description – I’ve never actually seen a travel mug without a removable lid, but there you go!)

Cool Morrocan Designed Bags

Now when it comes to student life you do need to cart a few things around with you.  My teen daughter favors a tote bag to lug her laptop and girly essentials around.

I have, however, seen some of the other students with drawstring bags over their shoulders so I’ve included both styles of bags here for you to peruse.

 Grey Blue & Sand Morrocan Inspired Design Tote Bag Grey Blue & Sand Morrocan Inspired Design Drawstring Bag

Morrocan Inspired Designer Notebooks

When it comes to taking notes in class these days then your phone or laptop is generally the way to go.   Some people still like to go old school with books though.

I would use the spiral notebook below to keep track of assignments and homework due as writing it down makes me more likely to remember something.

A journal is a great thing to keep while you’re a student because they are quite fun to read again as you get older and can be a treasure trove of memories.

 Grey Blue & Sand Morrocan Inspired Design Spiral Notebook Grey Blue & Sand Morrocan Inspired Design Hardcover Journal

Whether you’re a student or not I hope you’ve enjoyed these Morrocan Inspired Designer products.

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