A Gothic Valentine’s Day Card

February 14th will be here in less than a month and the sales of red roses will shoot up dramatically and with it the smell of love and romance will fill the air. I must admit I don’t have many Valentine’s Day cards designed as the date just seems to sneak up on me every year! I do have a Gothic Valentine’s Day card which is popular however.

There are lots of unique Valentine’s Day cards available to purchase from Zombie Valentine’s to Geeky Valentines and the ever increasing anti-Valentines. I designed this particular Vintage Gothic Valentine’s Day card back in 2011 as I’d had success with a Gothic Christmas card I designed the year before.


I would love to tell you how I designed this particular card, but in this case I actually can’t remember. I do know that I had only recently gotten Photoshop at that time and was doing a lot of ‘experimenting’ as I was learning the program.

I think the vintage look of the image is quite endearing and the ‘greying out’ of the gentleman (in my mind at least) gives the idea that he is the ghost of her true love and their love is still strong. The whole idea of an eternal love is deeply rooted in the Gothic sub-culture so it works well.

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