Christmas Candy Tins

Christmas mint tinsZazzle introduced candy tins a few years back with the idea of using them as wedding favors, but I think they’re perfect for the holidays.  There’s just something special about Christmas Candy Tins.

The tins come in a few different shapes these days, but the inside is still your choice of mint or jelly beans and the idea is great.

Christmas Mint Tins

I think I love the idea because my great uncle used to always carry a little tin of mints around with him and sometimes I’d get to have one!  Even these days I usually have some mints in my bag so a little tin is a great idea.

A Christmas themed candy tin for my mints would be a great gift idea for myself and I’ve even designed a few that I would enjoy using –

 Fun Snowman Candy Tin Vintage Winter Scene Candy Tin Cute Snowman Candy Tin Christmas Tree Candy Tin Santa Candy Tin Cute Snowman Candy Tin

Personalized Candy Mint Tins

These candy tins are made by Zazzle which means that they can be personalized – you can get monogrammed tins, tins with people’s own names on them, photos, the ideas are endless.

These tins are some of the cool ones that are set up to be personalized (they’re not my designs, but belong to other talented designers on Zazzle)

 Partridge In A Pear Tree Christmas Holiday Jelly Belly Candy Tin Christmas Tree Thunder_Cove Jelly Belly Candy Tins Custom Cute Folk Art Merry Christmas Wreath Jelly Belly Tins Joy to The World Christmas Typography Music Notes Candy Tin Season’s Greetings Christmas Trees & Bird Holiday Jelly Belly Candy Tins Nutcrackers group on red jelly belly candy tins

Christmas Candy Tins

These little tins are great to add to a gift basket or to pop into a Christmas hamper.  They also make fun stocking fillers.

If you have a business they are also a great idea to give to your clients.  You can add your business name, or just choose a Christmas design and pop your business card in with the gift.

The tins can be refillable which is what makes them a really useful gift – I know I’m not the only one who keeps some mints in my purse all the time, or am !?

Christmas candy tins
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Description of Candy Tins from Zazzle

This rectangle-shaped tin (0.70 oz) features rounded edges and a brushed metal or white finish for an elegant look and feel. Filled with fresh mints or your favorite Jelly Belly™ flavor, it’s the perfect gift or party favor that everyone will love to take home.

  • Customize the lid with your photos, designs, or text
  • Mints and Jelly Belly™ options available
  • Candy is kosher certified, gluten free, and soy free
  • Candy made in a facility that process peanuts, some flavors may contain coconut
  • Order in bulk and save!

Also available in a range of other shapes

Please Note:   They are small tins – check the measurements with a ruler so you know what to expect, having said that they are the perfect size to throw in a purse or pocket.

Bonus Idea for Christmas Candy Mint Tins

I have seen images where a fellow designer brought a selection popped them inside small organza bags and hung on the Christmas tree as decorations – I think this is a really cool idea.

This idea is especially great for a business as you could hang them on the firm’s Christmas tree as decorations and then hand them out to clients as they come into the office – it’s always great to get a gift when visiting your accountant, solicitor, broker etc.



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