Cool Designer Mini Skirts

Are you bored of the constant plain black bodycon mini skirts that EVERYONE seems to have?   Do something about it and check out some of the cool designer mini skirts available at Redbubble.

As a designer I’ve created a few mini skirts and here I’m featuring two of my designs that are influenced by nature.

Floral Print Mini Skirt

This fun design is based around an agapanthus, a beautiful purple floral graphic.  This floral print designer mini skirt adds a pop of purple to your outfit which is one of those colors that is flattering to everyone.

If you’re having trouble pulling away from the generic black mini skirt, you should be happy to know this gorgeous design is also available on a couple of different tops.

Floral Mini Skirts

The pattern on these designer mini skirts is repeated on the back as you can see (to a degree) on the side view of the skirts (above and below).

The material used is made up of 82% polyester and 18% elastane and as you can see from the images the waistband is one of the popular stretch waistbands.

Black & White Designer Mini Skirt

Besides flowers what else can be considered influenced by nature?   Butterflies of course!  I do love butterflies which is why this next skirt features a black and white butterfly!

Black & White Butterfly Graphic Print Bodycon Mini Skirt

This design is perfect because there’s no color to it (which seems to be very important with some sections of the population when it comes to fashion!) and yet it’s unique and will make you stand out in the crowd.

I hope you’ve enjoyed at least one of these two designer mini skirts that I’ve brought you today.

If a skirt isn’t quite your thing then there are some awesome black and white graphic t-shirt dresses or a selection of different t-shirts designed by yours truly which you are welcome to check out.

Selection of designer mini skirts

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