Funny Kiwi T-Shirts

I lived in New Zealand for 10 years and even ended up married to a Kiwi so we travel back regularly.   I love some of the funny Kiwi sayings and so it came as no surprise to people who knew me when I decided I had to open up a Kiwi inspired shop on Zazzle – Kiwiana Shop.

I started this Zazzle store with Kiwi inspired t-shirts because Kiwis in general seem to love their t-shirts.   No Worries Bro, Not Even Owl, Nek Minnit and other Kiwi sayings look great on tees.

The next ideas for t-shirts was place names and “add town” born style of t-shirts, but my personal favorite was yet to come.

I often find some of my most creative thoughts come to me in bed when I’m trying to sleep and the idea for this funny t-shirt was no exception.   I was thinking of a Kiwi (bird) eating a Kiwi (fruit) and I thought to myself, “could you call that cannibalism” and started to giggle.

Here’s the result of that internal dialogue –


Kiwi Cannibalism ShirtKiwi Cannibalism Shirt



This funny t-shirt certainly isn’t my most popular Kiwi tee, but it’s my favorite and still brings a smile to my face when I see it.

Of course my Kiwiana Shop isn’t all about t-shirts as I’ve designed other products in it as well, but t-shirts is where this particular store started and it is the main product that I create for it. If there’s a Kiwi in your life you can find some cool gift ideas for them there.

Kiwi Cannibalism T-Shirts, just one funny Kiwi inspired tee.

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