Beach Photography

I have been on Zazzle for a number of years and after a while I decided I really should have separate shops for all of my varied interests.   Two of these shops are based on my love of beach photography.

Beachcombing is a store based on photographs of just about anything I see at the beach from driftwood to shells.   The name comes from beachcombers who ‘comb’ the beach for treasures to take home.   In my case the ‘treasures’ are my photographs.

One of the images that seems to be very popular is this one that I snapped on Ohope Beach in New Zealand –

I love the blues I’ve captured in this photograph, it really was a lovely day out.   The surfboard had just been left on the beach, but I’m sure the surfer wasn’t too far away as the car park is in sight of the beach.


I’ve got a few other beach photographs that have been turned into art work for this store, here’s a few –

The other store that has my beach photography in it is my Watching Seagulls store, which as the title suggests is based on seagulls.
I love bird photography as well so the combination of the beach and birds seemed to inevitably lead to seagulls.   I will lax lyrical about seagulls on another post however as they really are very expressive birds.
My favorite wall canvas from my beach photography (at the moment anyway) is this one –
Gorgeous Rocky Coastline Canvas Print
Gorgeous Rocky Coastline Canvas Print by Beachcombing
This print was based on a photograph I took on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and when I cropped it I found I liked it much better as a long horizontal image than the ‘full’ original image.   To me the image just puts me in a peaceful mood and is a perfect piece of art to compliment your beach decor.
Do you like beach photography?   It certainly seems to be growing in popularity if my instagram feed is anything to go by!
Beach Photography

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