Vintage Winter Snowman Christmas Card

One of the first designs I remember doing using an image from Creative Commons is this vintage winter snowman Christmas card.
Vintage Christmas CardVintage Christmas Card
It shows three gorgeous children building a snowman and I fell in love with the image.

Unfortunately as this picture was in the public domain and able to be used by anyone I knew that there was a chance lots of other people would be using this image on various POD companies. I had to think of what I could do to keep the great image and yet make it a little different from anyone else’s image.


I created this image a long time ago with an old computer that had the now discontinued Picture It! program on it. I put a filter onto the image which is what gave the image the round, part circles around the outside. As soon as I saw that I fell in love as in my mind it was like looking through a snowball heading towards this happy group.

It has been a popular design and makes me nostalgic for Microsoft Picture It! as this is the second time I’ve ‘developed’ a popular design with the program – the other one was my Sydney Harbour Bridge design. Having said that I do love my Photoshop so I’d better not complain too much!

Gorgeous vintage winter snowman Christmas card

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