Owl Christmas Decor | Owl Christmas Gift Wrap & Cards

I love owls and especially during the holidays when I enjoy Owl Christmas Decor like tree ornaments or throw pillows.   I also love to use owl Christmas gift wrap and send cards with owls on them.

If you love owls as well then why not have a ‘hoot’ of a festive season with some of the holiday owl designs I’ve found for you here –


Let’s look at my favorite Christmas owl design –

Owl Christmas CardOwl Christmas Card


The image above was taken from a creative commons image of three owls on a branch, I changed the colors of the owls a bit and for the Christmas design I gave them all Santa hats.

I’ve used this design on lots of different products including owl Christmas wrapping paper and an owl Christmas pillow in fact you can check out some of the designs in the set below –

Christmas Owl Set

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Merry Christmas Owl Card | Christmas Owl Gift Wrap | Owl Christmas Pillow | Have a Hoot Christmas Card

There are some fantastic owl Christmas tree decorations available as well, both from my own Owl Zazzle Store and from other peoples, we just love Owl Christmas ornaments!

Owl Christmas Ornaments

You can buy these ornaments here

Barn Owl Christmas Ornament | Cute Wildlife Christmas Ornament | Sweet Little Owl Christmas Ornament | Fun Retro Christmas Ornament – Red | Barn Owl Ornament | Northern Hawk Owl Ornament | Retro Christmas Ornament – Green | 2 Owls on Christmas Branches | Christmas Owl with Santa Hat Ornament | Fun Retro Owl Christmas Ornament

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of the Christmas owl designs available to spice up your holiday season.

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